Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023 – Will Hindle was a prominent figure in the experimental film scene in the 1960s and 1970s. His films were known for their innovative techniques and surreal imagery.



The first step in Hindle’s film production process was conceptualization. This involved coming up with an idea for a film, which could be inspired by anything from a dream to a news article.

Once Hindle had an idea, he would spend time brainstorming and developing it further. He would often create sketches or storyboards to help visualize the film.



After the concept had been developed, Hindle would move on to pre-production. This involved planning out the logistics of the film, such as scouting locations, casting actors, and creating a shooting schedule.

Hindle would also work on the technical aspects of the film during pre-production. This might involve experimenting with different camera angles or editing techniques to achieve the desired effect.


With pre-production complete, Hindle would begin filming. This involved working with the actors and crew to capture the scenes he had envisioned during pre-production.

During production, Hindle would often experiment with different techniques and methods to achieve the desired effect. He was known for his use of color filters, multiple exposures, and other visual effects.


After filming was complete, Hindle would move on to post-production. This involved editing the film and adding any additional visual effects or sound design.

Hindle was known for his meticulous attention to detail during post-production. He would spend hours editing and re-editing the film until it was just right.


Once the film was complete, Hindle would work on distributing it. This might involve submitting it to film festivals or arranging for a theatrical release.

Overall, Hindle’s film production process was characterized by his innovative approach and attention to detail. His films continue to inspire and influence filmmakers today.

So next time you watch a Will Hindle film, take a moment to appreciate the creativity and hard work that went into bringing it to life.

By Diana Lee Whatley

A passionate biographer, skillfully captures the vibrant life and artistic journey of William Mayo Hindle, the legendary filmmaker and professor

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